Why Buy from Garber?

It matters where you buy your next vehicle!


Why should you buy from Garber?

  • Buy It, Love It or Bring It Back Guarantee! – Exclusive 3 Day Return Policy*
  • Your Money is Reinvested Back into the Community and Local Organizations.
  • Over 100 Years of Customers Satisfaction and Giving Back!

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Once you decide on the right vehicle, you need to decide on the right dealer. Not all dealerships are created equal. Our motto is Buy it, Love it, or Bring it Back. We stand behind our deals. Our first priority is making you a satisfied customer. We want to earn your business for life; that is what makes the Garber difference. Our team embodies the Garber difference. It’s how we treat our people, not just customers but our employees.

Garber also stands behind their community, not just with financial contributions but with time volunteering for charities, such as Habitat for Humanity. Here are some of the things we do to reinvest in the community: CAN Council, YMCA, Saginaw Children’s Museum, Relay for Life and many more.

*The 3 Day Return is allowed if vehicle has less than 150 miles added to the odometer from delivery. The vehicle will be inspected upon return and must be in exact physical and mechanical condition in which it was delivered. Customer is responsible for any necessary repair costs. Customer must reimburse the dealership for any lien payoff made on their behalf. Trade-in vehicle may be sold within the three day period.