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New Nissan Maxima

For Sale in Saginaw, MI Area

The new Nissan Maxima® is much more than just a spunky ride- it’s unprecedented flight.

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Learn More About the New Nissan Maxima


Ahead of the Game

Nissan Maxima Highlights

The new Nissan Maxima® is much more than just a spunky ride- it’s unprecedented flight.

  • Awarded 2018 “TOP SAFETY PICK+” by IIHS*
  • Embrace a sports car with a sedan fuel rating of 30 mpg highway*
  • Feel the power with top-performing Sport Mode and 300-hp, 3.5-liter V6 engine
  • Opt for the Maxima SR that goes 0-60 in 5.9 seconds
New Nissan Maxima For Sale in Saginaw, MI
  • $33,270* Starting MSRP
  • 30* MPG/HWY
  • 5 Seats

This untamed masterpiece features stylish boomerang-configured headlights and a lowered stature to slice through the air. Adding chrome exhaust finishers, a seemingly floating roof, and distinct lines that cut into the depths of your soul, this is vehicle-driven, aerospace engineering. With all the bang, there has to be a buckle. Including top safety features, such as Driver Attention Alert, Forward Emergency Braking, and Predictive Collision Warning, it is clear that Nissan leaves no detail to question.

In 1946, the United States created the world’s second flight demonstration squadron named the Blue Angels. Nissan designers were inspired by the look of these fighter-jets, inside and out, and successfully applied their theme to all models of the Maxima. Add some major flair to your life with a car that speaks for itself. The new Maxima® will surpass all expectations, pushing your drive to limits you never knew existed.


Pronounced Prestige
Exterior Features of the New Nissan Maxima at Garber in Saginaw, MI


Creating a reputation on its own, the new Maxima® doesn’t need to beg for your attention- it already has it. Avid Nissan designers elevated their own expectations and built something the public didn’t perceive possible. Resembling the cockpit of the Blue Angels®, the iconic U.S. Navy’s demonstration flight squadron, the Maxima features Zero Gravity seats, profound lines, a seamless roof, and chrome exhaust finishers.

U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels

Demonstrating their dedication to crafting a sports-car built to soar, Nissan designers visited the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels to recreate the cockpit in the Maxima.


Structurally, the Maxima was lowered, sculpted, and streamlined to emphasize its fighter-jet nature and aerodynamic styling.

Chrome Perfection

What better way to put the finishing touches on something than the use of chrome? Fixate your eyes on the chrome-tipped exhaust finishers, the most appropriate way to tie everything together on the Maxima.

A Little Personality

Meet a car that doesn’t fear the abstract. Using a metal-stamping technique, Nissan added distinct cuts to emphasize aerodynamic-styling and elongated, sweeping lines.

Aeronautical Influence

What may not pop out at you immediately, will not go unseen. The floating roof is a product of melding the pillars with the glasswork seamlessly to represent the canopy of a fighter jet.


Enjoy boomerang-shaped headlights and taillights to throw you for a loop with a four-door sedan and bring it back around with a sports car. Only in the Nissan Maxima.


Select between two fearless wheel and tire designs that scream sophistication. Enjoy 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels or leave no stone unturned with the Maxima SR’s 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels with the unique diamond-cut finish and specially-crafted tires for unbeatable responsiveness and road grip.


Beaming with Confidence
Interior Features of the New Nissan Maxima at Garber in Saginaw, MI


Inside-out, headlight to taillight, the new Maxima® is willing to go above and beyond for you. Make your drive effortless with a control panel that faces you, a touch of ambient lighting, and a dual panel panoramic roof. Sticking to the fighter-jet theme, enjoy Zero Gravity seating made with the finest leather and the ability to heat and cool. Launch your life into a new Jetstream with the Maxima.


Rotated 7° toward the driver, the center console now resembles that of what you would find in a jet. Every control, knob, and button is easily accessible for the pilot to engage with.

Zero Gravity Front Seats

Sink into a seat you’ll never want to get out of. The Maxima features Zero Gravity Front Seats, supporting you with the perfect height and width, keeping your body in place when you whip through corners.

Feel like a Million Bucks

Take your seat to throne-like quality in the Maxima. Embrace premium Ascot-leather appointed front seats with available diamond-quilted inserts or up the ante with an option only seen in top-performance cars, renowned Alcantara® inserts.

Climate Controlled Front Seats

Mindless to outside conditions, the Maxima is equipped with an arsenal that can cool or heat the front seats as you wish. Bring on winter, summer, fall, and spring- we’re ready to adapt.

Set Your Preferences

You know that feeling of frantically turning up the heat or cranking the AC? We know it too. Using Remote Engine Start, feel free to heat up or cool down your Maxima right from your smartphone. Then, enjoy a friendly welcome from your Maxima, completely worry free.

Unique Lighting

Taking a cue from airplanes, the Maxima features ambient lighting throughout the cabin to softly illuminate the controls. A meticulous, yet profound detail.

Dual Panel Panoramic Roof

Just as astronauts have the privilege of looking deep into space, riders in the Maxima are afforded the same luxury, but from the ground with the Maxima’s expansive panoramic roof. The imagination is left for you to fill- let your fantasies run wild and travel through space in the Nissan Maxima.


You may wonder how you ever functioned before this.
Technology Features of the New Nissan Maxima at Garber in Saginaw, MI


Transcending beyond current technology offerings is what the new Maxima® is all about. After all, pilots have to be supplied with the best of the best, right? Launching Nissan into a new galaxy is the impressive Display Commander for what feels like aeronautical control, revolutionary Advanced Drive Assist® Display, and supreme NissanConnectSM Services. Stay informed, stay in-control.

Advanced Drive Assist Display

Experience what it means to bond with your car more than ever. The Advanced Drive Display presents you with the most relevant information a glance away. On a 7-inch screen, easily view Sport Mode, Turn-by-Turn Navigation, Bluetooth® Audio, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Driving Aids, Compass, and SiriusXM® Radio.

Display Commander

Try out this nifty, sophisticated dial that helps you control your infotainment center while keeping your eyes on the road. Located behind the gearshift, toggle up and down, side-to-side, rotate, scroll through, and control your display screen. It’s just another way to facilitate your life, like a pilot ready for take-off.

A High-Tech Revelation

Connect, like you’ve never connected before. Nissan introduces the new NissanConnect Services system, featuring cutting-edge navigation and infotainment technology that functions through your smartphone and 8-inch touchscreen in the Maxima.

Customizable Alerts

For whatever reason, teens to valet service, you have the power to set alerts for speed limit, curfew, valet and boundary, and maintenance reminders. Receive notifications via NissanConnect right to your phone so you know exactly what speed, when, and where your Maxima is being driven, and when it needs to be serviced.

Emergency Notifications

Life happens and accidents occur. In the event of airbag deployment, the Maxima will connect you to emergency services or send them to your location if needed. Roadside services will dispatch assistance to your vehicle and if stolen, the Maxima will track its location to be recovered and returned to you.

Are we there yet?

This infamous line is met with an unmatched navigation system in the Maxima. Search for points of interest in the area and send destination directions to your infotainment center via Bing Maps or Google® Send-to-Car. Ease any painstaking traveling processes with the Maxima.


We Prefer Prevention
Safety Features of the New Nissan Maxima at Garber in Saginaw, MI


When you think of a thrilling sports car, safety may not be the first thing that comes to mind, in fact it may not come to mind at all. However, it only makes sense to equip the performance-driven Maxima with the most reliable safety systems. Caps off to Nissan for implementing systems that monitor your fatigue, the activity of two cars in front of you, and tire pressure. Ready and willing, the new Maxima includes a wide array of safety features- the perfect co-pilot to your rocket ship.

Need some coffee?

Here’s a statistic for you: According to the American Automobile Association, over 325,000 accidents that occur every year can be attributed to driver fatigue. The Nissan Maxima combats this with the Driver Attention Alert system. Monitoring your steering activity, DAA notifies you if any unusual driving occurs in an attempt to warn you when a break may be necessary.

Predictive Forward Collision Warning

Feel a new wave of reassurance with sensors that detect the speed and distance up to two cars in front of you. If one or both of them unexpectedly brake or slow down, the system will notify you, giving you plenty of time to respond and react accordingly.

Forward Emergency Braking

Providing visual and audio warnings, FEB will alert you if you need to reduce your speed. If a collision is imminent, the system will apply brake pressure and reduce engine speed in an attempt to avoid the collision, or at a minimum, lessen the severity of impact. Nissan doesn’t want it to get to this point, but if it does, the Maxima has your back.

Responsive Systems

Some things in life simply don’t go as planned. That being said, trust Traction Control when driving in slippery conditions to help reduce wheel spin, while Vehicle Dynamic Control helps you maintain your course of travel. If the person in front of you slams on their brakes, feel confident with Brake Assist to help you apply maximum braking force. This is Maxima responsiveness.

Don’t Drive on Flats

Look to your Advanced Drive Assist® Display for information on tire pressure, eliminating guesswork and replacing it with certainty. When filling the tires, enjoy Easy-Fill Tire Alert that sounds a beep from the horn when full. Simple, straight-forward, safe.

The Most Expansive View

Utilize the Around View® Monitor to view your Maxima from a 360° birds-eye perspective to make parking effortless. Nissan recognizes the importance of addressing all aspects of your surroundings, which is why Moving Object Detection is included to notify you of any movement detected in your vicinity.


James Bond Worthy
Performance Features of the New Nissan Maxima at Garber in Saginaw, MI


Challenge the familiar with the new Nissan Maxima®, a high-capability driven sedan. We have no doubt that if you judge the Maxima on its performance alone, you won’t be able to say no. This is Nissan’s ultimate epiphany, including an astounding Sport Mode, unwavering suspension, a daring Xtronic CVT®, and much more, all while achieving 30 mpg highway*. Good luck walking past this masterpiece.

Sport Mode Redefined

Shift your Maxima into the thrilling Sport Mode and you won’t be able to catch your breath, featuring sharp responsiveness, heavy steering, quick shifting, and a loud purr from the engine. Buckle up.

Packs a Punch

Hit the accelerator and discover why the Maxima is known for its performance. Nissan designers clearly do not take a day off since 60% of the engine has been revamped, including sodium-filled exhaust valves and anodized pistons, a high-flow tuned induction system, and components from the profound GT-R®, making the Maxima more stimulating than ever before. Welcome to the 300-hp, 3.5-liter V6 engine.

Suspension from the Gods

Inspired by high-end sports cars, the Maxima features components for superior cornering, including rear-suspension monotube dampers for incredible responsiveness, and a frame that is lower, lighter, and tighter. Not enough? Opt for the Maxima SR with higher torsional rigidity than the Porsche Cayman®.

Upgrades All Around

Finding a way to appeal to the economist and the enthusiast is a task in itself, but Nissan has found a way with the new Xtronic CVT. Featuring dynamic step shifting, wider gear ratio coverage, and an adaptive shift controller the Maxima produces more distinctive shift points, a more enthusiastic ride, and better fuel efficiency.

Fuel Economy

Sports cars focused on performance seem to fall short in the fuel efficiency category, however, the Maxima does not have that problem. It achieves a satisfying 30 mpg highway with all the perks of a sports car.

Sedan or Sports Car?

When asked this question, Nissan designers decided to go with a combination- the four-door sports car. It’s the only way to encompass the vehicle that goes against the grain, featuring a daring aerodynamic appeal, a tech-savvy cockpit, and much more never seen before in a four-door sedan.

The Maxima SR

Take your performance-level to the ultimatum, and put fear in the road today. Up your cornering ability, braking effort, and ride control in the Maxima SR. Grip a racing-inspired steering wheel with paddle shifters and available Alcantara® insert, and embrace ZF Sachs shock absorbers, like the ones found in luxury sports cars from BMW to Porsche.

The Power is in Your Hands

T-Minus Now

5, 4, 3, 2, 1- we have takeoff. A commanding new force in the market is the Maxima® for its compelling representation of something we would see in the sky. Boasting authoritative performance, it features an unbeatable Sport mode and monotube dampers in the rear-suspension, aligning it with top-of-the-line sports cars. A cut above the rest, slither into Zero Gravity front seats covered in rich Ascot-leather, and easily access the control panel that faces you and glows from ambient lighting. We could go on for days- Nissan has officially outdone itself.

No matter where you go or what you do in the Maxima, it is a guarantee that your ride will be streamlined perfection. Whether you’re taking a long trip from Bay City to Mackinaw, or simply commuting to work in Midland, the Maxima is the answer. Come into Garber Bay Road in Saginaw today and trust the professionals to find your perfect Maxima- we know nothing else needs to be said to entice you.

New Nissan Maxima For Sale in Saginaw, MI
  • $33,270* Starting MSRP
  • 30* MPG/HWY
  • 5 Seats

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*MSRP: All prices are Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). MSRP excludes destination and handling charges, tax, title, license, and options. Dealer sets actual price. MSRP is for the 2018 Nissan Maxima.

*MPG: 2018 EPA Fuel Economy Estimate 21 city / 30 highway MPG. Actual mileage may vary with driving conditions – use for comparison only. MPG is for 2018 Nissan Maxima.

*2018 “IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK+” for the 2018 Nissan Maxima:

*U.S. News Rating:

*Car and Driver Rating:

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