Nissan is Going Places with the Vmotion 2.0

By Emily Eppley | January 16th, 2017


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The North American International Auto Show is a perfect place to unveil new concepts because its popularity allows for large-scale, immediate feedback for the manufacturer. And Nissan got the prompt positive reaction it was looking for with the Vmotion 2.0. The brand’s latest concept vehicle shows the projected direction for design for the Altima primarily but also for the other sedans in the Nissan lineup, to varying degrees.

“Technology is evolving. So is design. At Nissan we see design as the ultimate expression of how customers see themselves, but also an expression of the vision and values of our brand,” said Shiro Nakamura, Senior Vice President, Chief Creative Officer of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


The grille is the hallmark of the Vmotion concept cars, actually embodying the V-motion of the name. Starting from the V shape of the grille on the face, this sedan sweeps back with crisp edges and a low stance. It’s 0.5 inches shorter than the current Altima but is also 2.5 inches wider giving it a more powerful and slinky feel. The headlights and taillights are smaller LEDs, and the front door has a stylistic crease that will probably be too cutting edge for the family car but looks sharp on the concept.

The Vmotion offers a space-age feel inside with large touchscreen across the dash that combines both the digital instruments for driving and the multimedia interface for the infotainment system. Even the rear seats have their own smaller touchscreen with information and climate control. And to distinguish the view provided in this vehicle, Nissan cut off the top half of the steering wheel so you can see more out of the front window. The traditional plush leather and zebrawood finish on the door and dash mix pleasantly with the techy feel from the touchscreens and futuristic steering. The blending of new and old within this vehicle offer a refreshing and exciting interior.


It is unclear how many of these exact features will make it into future showroom models, but it does give a good sense of Nissan’s direction for future styling efforts. The focus is definitely on smarter tech inside the car and a sleek, powerful silhouette. If the next generation of Nissan redesigns look anything like the intelligent interior and adventurous exterior of the Vmotion 2.0, then we look forward to a more intuitive and bold ride.

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