Nissan Rear Door Alert Coming to All Four-Door Models by 2022

September 9th, 2019 by

All too often, we hear horror stories about children left in hot cars. Here in the Saginaw area, we are all too aware of just how hot a car can get in the Michigan sun, so a little extra reminder of a loved one (or a gallon of milk) in the rear seat is a welcome addition….

More Accessible Safety Features Headline 2020 Nissan Altima Updates

June 24th, 2019 by

The Nissan Altima went through a comprehensive redesign just a year ago for the 2019 model year, and the 2020 Altima models are hitting showrooms with a few updates. Continue reading for 2020 Nissan Altima pricing and updates.   Visually, the 2020 Nissan Altima will be identical to the 2019 Altima inside and out, but…

A Titan of an Audio System is Coming in 2019

October 29th, 2018 by

There’s no doubt that pickup truck shoppers in Saginaw, Michigan are into their music. Why not combine your love for music with your love for trucks in the 2019 Nissan TITAN with its all-new audio system. Fill the streets of Saginaw, Midland, or Bay City with your favorite tunes with the 2019 Nissan TITAN’s all-new…

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Nissan and EVgo Make the Boston-to-D.C. Trip Gasoline-Free

September 10th, 2018 by
I-95 Fast Charging ARC

Nissan is a leader in EV sales, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise it is teaming up with a leader in charging stations to create a new stretch of fast chargers to help EV drivers span a long distance. Recently, Nissan and EVgo capped off and opened the I-95 Fast Charging Arc, giving EV…

Nissan Makes Child Safety a Priority in 2019

August 22nd, 2018 by
Nissan Rear Door Alert

With the epidemic of children being left unattended in rear car seats spreading, Nissan is helping prevent this. The new Rear Door Alert system, which is standard on the 2018 Pathfinder, will spread to additional 2019 models and go even further by 2022. According to Nissan, RDA will become a standard feature on eight additional…

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Perfect Pressure Every Time With Nissan Easy-Fill Tire Alert

July 11th, 2018 by

  Minimize the stress and hassle of maintaining your tires with the Nissan’s Easy-Fill Tire Alert. It’s poised to make your summer travel plans safer, and can even save you time and money by eliminating the guesswork that goes into filling tires. Driving on low tires can lead to uneven wear, reduced fuel economy, and…

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9 Helpful Hints for Buying Your First Car

January 9th, 2017 by

Buying your first car means finally getting your first big taste of freedom. It means you are independent and in charge of where your life takes you. It also means taking responsibility for buying gas, paying for insurance, and financing the second largest purchase of your life (the first being a house). While there are…

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